Online Tools for Beginners in Web Development

Coding and designing websites might be a tough task if you are not a web designer and you don’t have cash to hire a company to create a website for you. I discuss several tools that I have found useful while working on many of my projects. These tools can ease the designing and development process for new and even professional developers.


Developers can benefit immensely from online tools that enhance and simplify coding, debugging and testing their applications. In my opinion, is the good source to find free online tools for developers and beginners getting into programming.


A web application that allows you to easily make apps. It is easier to use than other complicated web design and development tools.


This is another easy way to make a web page. It is a featured web tool that provides free websites creation services. It a free WYSIWYG website buider similar to Wix. Use it to create websites for personal or business needs.

Power Mockup

Power Mockup offers an extensive collection of user interface elements and icons made entirely out of PowerPoint shapes. With these features, you can easily create screen prototypes of mobile, web and desktop application –right inside PowerPoint!


This allows creating a site by using its core model that is not very flexible. However, you will enjoy creating professional pages by using one of the different templates for having an interactive site. It has unlimited disk space, which is useful for creating a multimedia site.

Browser Calories

With this unique invention, you get the page weight of whatever you’re looking at without manual sweat. Page weight is a super important metric and affects conversion, retention, and SEO. We live in a time when we mostly browse on a flaky mobile connection. Diligent designers and developers know there is a dire need to keep an eye on page weight. This browser extension places an icon next to the address bar that, when clicked, lets you know the page weight of whatever you’re looking at, fractionalized by resource if desired.

CSS Sprite Generator

CSS Sprite generator helps web developers to reduce the number of HTTP requests they encounter. The core function of the tool is to help increase the loading speed of your website. It combines images into one larger image at defined X and Y coordinates. It assigns generated image to relevant page elements so that the background-position CSS property can then be used to shift the visible area to the required component image.


Firebug, a design by the maker of DOM Inspector, is an essential user-friendly tool for debugging scripts. It relies on three focal features: a console which lists errors and allows you to execute any arbitrary javaScript code at any time in the scope of the web page itself; a debugger which shows you all of the JavaScript source with errors highlighted; and an inspector which allows you to navigate the page’s DOM, element styles, computed layout, and associated events.

The Web Developer Extension

The Web Developer Extension is a loyal must-have tool for every web developer. It offers over a hundred different tools to help web developers work with ease, all from a convenient and well-organized context menu or toolbar, depending on your preference.


This free tool allows users to start up a virtual computer in a desktop window. This way you can test programs designed for Windows specifically like Internet Explorer from a Linux desktop, with no need to purchase extra computers. Virtualisation is useful when building code that could crash your host machine; testing installers; and having a second machine running a different OS to the host.

Blokk Font

Blokk is a font specially made for mockups and demos, and it is an excellent looking alternative to Lorem Ipsum. It could come in handy in the case of an edge of the art design that wouldn’t usually mix well with Latin on it. It lets’ you create quick mockups and wireframe for your side projects.


This tool allows users to stop writing code and start drawing it. Macaw provides the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS.


The list is not exhaustive, other tools and resources that can make web designing easy and interesting include Frontify, Hotjar, TeamDesk, Themify flow, Dotemplate, WordPress Theme Generator, Web 2.0 Button Generator, CSS Typeset, Color Wizard and so on.