Chmod Symbolic Mode Permissions

Checker, analyse, test and your SSL certificate information.

Owner Rights (u) Group Rights (g) Others Rights (o)
Read (4)
Write (2)
Execute (1)

Extra chmod command options

Use the octal CHMOD Command:

chmod --verbose 1407 file_name

OR use the symbolic CHMOD Command:

chmod --verbose a+rwx,u-wx,g-rwx,ug+s,+t,u-s,g-s file_name

Chmod Permissions for chmod 1407

Chmod owner

  • Owner can read
  • Owner can't write
  • Owner can't execute

Chmod group

  • Group can't read
  • Group can't write
  • Group can't execute

Chmod other

  • Others can read
  • Others can write
  • Others can execute
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