What Is Link Building and Why Backlinks Drives Domain Authority?

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Marketers of today must adapt to the ever-changing online landscape through the use of digital marketing techniques if they intend to be ahead in the digital race where the stakes are high and the rewards great. If this isn’t difficult enough, then there is the added pressure of mastering and adopting new strategies for digital marketing on a day-to-day basis. Failure to do so will mean nowhere near the web traffic needed for long-term growth with the irresistible prospects of the revenue one can earn.

One such strategy gaining traction in the online marketing field is link building. Link building is a process of acquiring editorial links from other relevant and authoritative websites in a bid to increase the value of your website. It can, therefore, be defined as a cornerstone of online marketing strategies.

Are backlinks important

What Is a Backlink on a Website?

A backlink is a hyperlink that links back to another website from another website. The act of creating inter-links with other related and authoritative websites is known as backlinking or link-building. It’s a sort of endorsement of your online brand. An authoritative link from a relevant source boosts the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, where you are a contributor by building your brand by contributing content to it.

Why Are Backlinks Important for SEO?

High Domain Authority backlinks from credible sources are among the many critical factors considered by Google and other search engines to understand the relevance of any website in any given niche. If they deem your website as a relevant source to the content or services, then naturally, it will be given top priority and a better position in Google and other search engine listings.

And although the intricate details on how the search engines assess the importance or relevancy of high domain authority backlinks to determine their true relevance to the search query made are still somewhat vague due to the ever-changing nature of the algorithms used by search engines. However, it is a fact that backlinks play an integral role in building the authority of your website. Even when there are countless other variations of backlinks, they all stand united in connection to the process of building your online brand.

How Do You Get Backlinks?

Backlinks are important assets that can’t be ignored. And as an asset, they are hard to build and just as hard to keep. Every link you build represents a relationship, a connection, and trust. But thankfully, there are several tools like Coder’s Tool Backlink Maker that can help you generate high-quality backlinks; and, more important, build them for free. Just enter the URL and click “create backlinks” to experience a revolutionized way to go about effective link building.

 Types of Backlinks

What Are the Types of Backlinks?

There are mainly two types of backlinks, do follow and no follow, with the former being more valuable in terms of SEO. They are the backbone of the reputation of any website as without them; it would be very difficult for even the best-designed websites to gain the attention that would see them to fame.

A follow link is one where the search engine follows the connection, and you, in turn, can gain from the trust developed with the other party, also known as the website you linked to. It is this trust that gives your website the power to gain more attention from the search engines and therefore increases its positioning as a relevant source of information.

Nofollow links are those that the search engines don’t follow. They are treated like every other link on a website; other than that it’s not followed by a search engine. This, therefore, means that you are unable to gain the trust of another website to build your credibility.

To check the number of links on your website or any domain, you should try CodersTool backlink checker tool that will analyze all the links on the provided website.

How to Increase Your Website Authority

The following are the main steps that you should follow to increase domain authority, from the very beginning of your site’s creation:

  • Get listed in directories: For small and local businesses, getting your domain listed across online directories is a high-impact and cost-effective way to increase your DA.
  • Contribute guest posts: Publishers are always looking for great content. If you provide that content for them, you elevate your brand expertise and often earn a backlink to your website in the byline—or even in the body of the post.
  • Increase Your Social Signals: Pages popular on Google tend to have many likes, shares, and tweets.
  • Work on Your Off-Page SEO: Websites with a robust and clean profile will have a higher DA score than websites with a not so good link profile.
  • Become An Authority Within Your Niche: by creating great content and engaging with your followers and consumers on social media in a meaningful manner.
  • Remove Bad And Toxic Links: You should also remove any links posted throughout your website that lead to bad sites or are broken as these will have a negative impact.
  • Write great content: Focus on making your content so good that other sites will naturally discover and link to it.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization: Optimized titles and Descriptions. Proper use of Headings (H1 and H2) within your content. Optimizing your images, videos, and other media elements.
  • Improve Your Page Speed: Websites that load faster have an additional advantage over slower websites.
  • Improve Your Internal Linking Structure: Internal links help direct visitors to what they are trying to find, improving their user experience.
  • Make Sure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly: A considerable number of online users access the web through mobile devices. If your website hasn’t been optimized for mobile use yet, you’re way behind.


In conclusion, although the topic of link building is an ongoing debate among many marketers, there is a consensus over the fact that link building is a necessary discipline for any digital marketing. And so, although the discussion and practice of building links shouldn’t end, one must ensure that they obtain only trusted and authoritative links that will build credibility and not dilute the quality of your website.

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