jQuery Event Namespacing

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The majority of JavaScript code is triggered from an event. For example, an event fires when the page loads; press a key; click a button; or move your mouse. Event handling tells JavaScript what to do in these situations – how to handle the event that was fired.

In jQuery, you can easily and quickly add event handlers to add behaviour to your code:

  .on("click", doSomething)
  .on("click", doSomethingElse);

Just as easily, you can remove remove event listners:


But wait, the code above will remove both handlers. What if we only need to remove just one?
For this, we would need a way to differentiate each .on(…) binding event using event namespace. Namespaced Events

So instead of just specifing click as the event handler, you use the click.name_space

$( "p" ).on( "click.doGood", function( event ) {
	console.log('You clicked doSomething');

$( "p" ).on( "click.doBetter", function( event ) {
	console.log('You clicked doSomethingElse');

Now that we have different bindings for the .on(…) events, we can use .off(…) to unbind just the one we need by specifying the exact event_name.

$( "p" ).off( "click.doBetter");

Event namespacing provides a way to manage specific event handlers at a granular level and without touching other bounded events.
Namespacing events in jQuery isn’t limited to just .on(…) and .off(…) handlers. It also works with .bind() and .unbind() too.

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