VSCode Commands Cheat Sheet

Ctrl Shift P
Show Command Palette
Ctrl P
Quick Open, Go to File...
Ctrl Shift N
New window/instance
Ctrl Shift W
Close window/instance
Ctrl ,
User Settings
Ctrl K Ctrl S
Keyboard Shortcuts
Basic Editing
Ctrl X
Cut line (empty selection)
Ctrl C
Copy line (empty selection)
Alt Up/Down
Move line up/down
Shift Alt Up/Down
Copy line up/down
Ctrl Shift K
Delete line
Ctrl Enter
Insert line below
Ctrl Shift Enter
Insert line above
Ctrl Shift \
Jump to matching bracket
Ctrl ]/[
Indent/outdent line
Go to beginning/end of line
Ctrl Home
Go to beginning of file
Ctrl End
Go to end of file
Ctrl Up/Down
Scroll line up/down
Alt PgUp/PgDown
Scroll page up/down
Ctrl Shift [
Fold (collapse) region
Ctrl Shift ]
Unfold (uncollapse) region
Ctrl K Ctrl [
Fold (collapse) all subregions
Ctrl K Ctrl ]
Unfold (uncollapse) all subregions
Ctrl K Ctrl 0
Fold (collapse) all regions
Ctrl K Ctrl J
Unfold (uncollapse) all regions
Ctrl K Ctrl C
Add line comment
Ctrl K Ctrl U
Remove line comment
Ctrl /
Toggle line comment
Shift Alt A
Toggle block comment
Alt Z
Toggle word wrap
Ctrl T
Show all Symbols
Ctrl G
Go to Line...
Ctrl P
Go to File...
Ctrl Shift O
Go to Symbol...
Ctrl Shift M
Show Problems card
Go to next error or warning
Shift F8
Go to previous error or warning
Ctrl Shift Tab
Navigate editor group history
Alt Left/Right
Go back/forward
Ctrl M
Toggle Tab moves focus
Search and replace
Ctrl F
Ctrl H
Find next
Shift F3
Find previous
Alt Enter
Select all occurences of Find match
Ctrl D
Add selection to next Find match
Ctrl K Ctrl D
Move last selection to next Find match
Alt C/R/W
Toggle case-sensitive/regex/whole word
Multi-cursor and selection
Alt Click
Insert cursor
Ctrl Alt Up/Down
Insert cursor above/below
Ctrl U
Undo last cursor operation
Shift Alt I
Insert cursor at end of each line selected
Ctrl I
Select current line
Ctrl Shift L
Select all occurrences of current selection
Ctrl F2
Select all occurrences of current word
Shift Alt Right
Expand selection
Shift Alt Left
Shrink selection
Shift Alt (drag mouse)
Column (box) selection
Ctrl Shift Alt (arrow key)
Column (box) selection
Ctrl Shift Alt PgUp/PgDown
Column (box) selection page
Rich languages editing
Ctrl Space
Trigger suggestion
Ctrl Shift Space
Trigger parameter hints
Shift Alt F
Format document
Ctrl K Ctrl F
Format selection
Go to Definition
Alt F12
Peek Definition
Ctrl K F12
Open Definition to the side
Ctrl .
Quick Fix
Shift F12
Show References
Rename Symbol
Ctrl K Ctrl X
Trim trailing whitespace
Ctrl K M
Change file language
Editor management
Ctrl F4
Close editor
Ctrl W
Close editor
Ctrl K F
Close folder
Ctrl \
Split editor
Ctrl 1/2/3
Focus into 1st, 2nd, or 3rd editor group
Ctrl K Ctrl Left/Right
Focus into previous/next editor
Ctrl Shift PgUp/PgDown
Move editor left/right
Ctrl K Left/Right
Move active editor group
File management
Ctrl N
New File
Ctrl O
Open File...
Ctrl S
Ctrl Shift S
Save As...
Ctrl K S
Save All
Ctrl F4
Ctrl K Ctrl W
Close All
Ctrl Shift T
Reopen closed editor
Ctrl K Enter
Keep preview mode editor open
Ctrl Tab
Open next
Ctrl Shift Tab
Open previous
Ctrl K P
Copy path of active file
Ctrl K R
Reveal active file in Explorer
Ctrl K O
Show active file in new window/instance
Toggle full screen
Shift Alt 0
Toggle editor layout (horizontal/vertical)
Ctrl =/-
Zoom in/out
Ctrl B
Toggle Sidebar visibility
Ctrl Shift E
Show Explorer/Toggle focus
Ctrl Shift F
Show Search
Ctrl Shift G
Show Source Control
Ctrl Shift D
Show Debug
Ctrl Shift X
Show Extensions
Ctrl Shift H
Replace in files
Ctrl Shift J
Toggle Search details
Ctrl Shift U
Show Output card
Ctrl Shift V
Open Markdown preview
Ctrl K V
Open Markdown preview to the side
Ctrl K Z
Zen Mode (Esc Esc to exit)
Toggle breakpoint
Shift F5
Step into
Shift F11
Step out
Step over
Ctrl K Ctrl I
Show hover
Integrated terminal
Ctrl `
Show integrated terminal
Ctrl Shift `
Create new terminal
Ctrl C
Copy selection
Ctrl V
Paste into active terminal
Ctrl Up/Down
Scroll up/down
Shift PgUp/PgDown
Scroll page up/down
Ctrl Home/End
Scroll to top/bottom

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