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Why Sort JSON by Value Online?

The article looks at the JSON format and how it has become ubiquitous and replaced the CSV and XML data format. In addition, we dive into JSON sorter and online tools for sorting. 

What does JSON stand for?

JavaScript Object Notation is referred to as JSON. It is a simple, human-readable language used most frequently in web-based applications and independent of any particular language. 

The JSON extensions have a .json at the end. JSON is a user-friendly alternative to XML since it is compact and simple to read. It enables server-side fast-executing JSON documents and data structures like arrays, objects, and objects.

What CSV stand for?

Comma-Separated Values, or CSV, is an abbreviation. It keeps plain text in the form of lines of values (cells) separated by commas (,). A text editor can open and read a CSV file. 

Several programs are available for reading CSV files, and many programming languages include built-in tools for reading and creating CSV files. These files are majority used by professionals in data analysis or visualizations.

Sort Array of JSON Objects In JavaScript

// Sort array of JSON objects by date value
const records = [
    order_id: 12345,
    order_date: "2020-03-23"
    order_id: 12346,
    order_date: "2020-03-20"
    order_id: 12347,
    order_date: "2020-03-22"

records.sort((a, b) => {
  return new Date(a.order_date) - new Date(b.order_date); // descending

records.sort((a, b) => {
  return new Date(b.order_date) - new Date(a.order_date); // ascending

Sorting JSON array

One method of sorting the JSON object is to use the JSON.dumps() function. It is utilized to create a sorted JSON object from an array of JSON objects. 

To create the sorted JSON objects from the array of JSON objects, the value of the sort keys argument of the dumps() function must be set to True.

JSON Sorting Algorithm 

Stable refers to a sorting algorithm that maintains the order of same-valued elements. If you’re using Java, you may check the API to see if a specific sorting function—like Arrays.sort—is guaranteed stable.

When employing several keys, the entries are typically sorted sequentially using a reliable sorting algorithm in the keys’ reverse order.

When employing several keys, the entries are typically sorted sequentially using a reliable sorting algorithm in the keys’ reverse order.

For instance, you would sort first by the last name and then by the first name if you wanted to order by the first name first and the last name second.

Additionally, you must ensure that the data structure you employ maintains the insertion order since a Set or Map may fail.

Order of JSON keys

The JSON specification states that JSON objects are unordered. Therefore, if you experience the exact ordering, it is just coincidental or a result of the underlying library’s implementation. However, you cannot rely on the entries’ sequence since they are explicitly not sorted.

The order of name/value pairs within an object is typically not considered by JSON implementations because it is (by definition) not necessary.

If sorting is crucial, you might consider using a list instead.

The keys cannot be arranged in any particular order in JSON or JavaScript objects.

Are JSON lists ordered?

Yes, JSON arrays maintain the order of their elements. See RFC 7159: The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format

A string name and a number, boolean, object, array, null, or string value pair make up an object, which is an unordered collection of zero or more such name/value pairs.

An ordered series of zero or more values is referred to as an array.

The JavaScript conventions are where the words “object” and “array” originated.

How would I sort a JSON key?

  1. Enter your JSON into the main text region, or paste the data string. 
  2. Select the sort strategy you will utilize. When using Key Value, the Key Name is required. 
  3. Choose Ascending sort order or Descending sort order. 
  4. Click the ‘JSON Sorter‘ ‘button and copy the results in the Output Data section

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