Benefits of Learning to Code for Non-Programmers

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We have seen that the current use of low code and no code application programs have somehow made us feel that there isn’t any need for programmers or developers in today’s world.

No-code tools provide a platform in which a non-developer can work without coding knowledge and build software and application programs. But, we have also seen that there still exists a demand for programmers and developers. Why is that so?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Non-developers are building and developing applications with the help of no-code platforms. The question arises, who is coding and developing the no-code tools? Obviously, the developers and programmers. The developers are coding and developing the no-code tools, so non-developers can work and build applications without coding knowledge.

And that’s the reason there will always exist the demand for programmers. So, should you learn to code?

Why Should Everyone Learn To Code?

Learning to code can have many benefits even if you are not someone from the technical field or associated with computer programming. It is still necessary and will benefit you in several ways. Let me give you an example.

You are a businessman and need to develop a website for your business. Now you might think that this is something you can do yourself without any coding knowledge, or you can also hire someone to do that for you. 

Why learn to code?

Web Development Without Coding

No doubt you can develop the website yourself, but what if you’re using an already programmed plugin and you want to integrate an option in your website which is missing in the plugin? What will you do now? You can’t work in the backend, and you can’t write codes in the application’s backend.

Now you are thinking the second option will be a better one. You will hire someone to develop software for you as per your requirements. Undoubtedly, people are doing work this way, but there are still limitations. The most important thing is that you do not have control of your work in such technical areas because of the lack of coding knowledge. You’ll have to comply with what the developer tells you. In short, you are not supposedly getting the best results.

These are the reasons to let you think about why do want to learn to code.

Advantages Of Learning Computer Programming

In the example mentioned above, you might at least be convinced that there are considerable benefits to learning computer programming. The whole list of programming benefits can’t be summarized in this short article. Still, we’ll try to briefly examine the benefits of studying programming languages to learn computer programming.

Automation Of Tasks

A simple understanding and basic knowledge of programming or how to code can help you automate everyday tasks at home or in the office. Time is crucial, and saving time has become extremely important. Using coding to program basic tasks and automate workflows will bring benefits and efficiency to our working environment. Applications such as Slack and Zapier are commonly used for automation. If you want your communication to be automated, you can use stack. If you are an end-user and you wish to use integrations in your application without coding knowledge, you can use Zapier.

These applications let you customize and program things without programming knowledge. If you have some basic knowledge of Python, you’ll be able to automate a task. If you’re working in Excel, then some basic VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) can help to reduce repetitive tasks.

Career Benefits

The world is progressing rapidly, and almost everything around is getting digitalized and programmed. We can say that the world is moving digitally. With such progress going on, each non-technical field is getting technical daily. Let me give you an example.

You are not right if you’re a doctor and think I do not need to learn coding and programming. It might seem that doctors have to study medicine and deal with that. In reality, new technologies and machines are being used nowadays that are more technical and require specialized knowledge to handle and use them. With such advancements in medicine, it is becoming compulsory to comply with such advanced machinery so that you are not at a technological disadvantage.

Benefits Of Coding For Students

Do you know the benefits of coding for students? If not, you’re at the right place to know about it. As mentioned in the above example, if a doctor doesn’t learn the basics of programming or basic coding, how will he be able to use the software in the medical field, and how will he operate the machinery and equipment if some problem occurs?

This is the same case for students in any field. Suppose an engineer does not have coding knowledge or doesn’t know how to program the equipment and machinery used in engineering. In that case, he’ll never be able to customize an application according to his needs. Even if he hires a developer, he won’t be able to explain his requirements and get the work done. Suppose a businessman wants to develop software for his business but doesn’t have any coding knowledge. In that case, he’ll never be able to make a good application program tailored to his needs, even if he hires a programmer.

Why Should you Learn to Code?

If you do not know how to code, you should invest the time and effort toward learning programming languages. This provides a path for assessing all the benefits mentioned in this article to someone to learn coding and to navigate around all the associated drawbacks. If you cannot manage enough time or resources, you must at least understand the basic programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, CSS, and HTML.

If you can’t even do that, you should at least learn it to the extent that you can use everyday devices, appliances, and applications with ease, and if there happens to be some problem, you can also solve that.

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